Juniper Ridge

Christmas Fir | Trail Soap | 8 oz.

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The Story

The world’s premier wildharvested, organic liquid soap, good for your whole person. Draw a leaf on your hand in the shower and experience the deep and evocative tones of these Christmas Tree Forests.

Made with one fragrance ingredient, a formula of wildharvested Cedar, Fir and Pine from from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Christmas Fir Trail Soap presents a seasonal evocation, free of synthetic perfumes.

Scented with only wild plant-based aromatics that we’ve extracted using a variety of heritage, perfume making techniques, the experience this soap invites you to is a deep interaction with nature. It will transform your shower, conjuring grand images of forests climbing the slopes of steep volcanoes, rising into wildflower meadows above the clouds and beneath ice-age glaciers. This all-purpose, organic shower gel is indeed, a Christmas tree in a bottle.


Scent Notes

A clean hit of the bright and evocative forests of the old conifers. Christmas trees in a bottle.


Saponified organic coconut, sunflower, olive and jojoba oils; 100% natural fragrance - tree pitch, plant sap / juice, steam-distilled essential oils from conifers across the Pacific Northwest.