Organic Single Farm Ethiopia | Natural Process | Strawberry Fields


Organic Single Farm Ethiopia | Natural Process | Strawberry Fields

Why pay more for a bag with limited edition art on it? $ goes directly to the artist, that’s why!

Introducing Berry Squad. This coffee tastes like if you made a baseball bat out of fruit and then just started swinging away at your taste buds. HOME RUN!

Natural Process or Skin Contact involves drying the coffee bean without removing the cherry skin in order to create a naturally sweet coffee through the magic of fermentation! Superlost’s single farm Ethiopia taste like strawberries. Organic, single farm, and tastes like strawberries. Treat your tastebuds to the best cup of coffee in town.

The Details:

Origin: Limu Kossa, Ethiopia

Single Farm: Kossa Geshe Estate 2019 Abukado

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Natural (skin contact)

Altitude: 1,800 Meters

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Meyer Lemon, Blackberry

Organic: Yes

Amount: 1/2 Pound


Artists: Levi Prewitt

Edition Size: 1,000 Bags

About: Meet Levi Prewitt. He’s the very talented artist behind @levitzo. He’s got over 200k followers on IG and you should be one of them. Comics, artwork, and merch!!! HERE

Bags are screen-printed by hand, colors WILL vary!