Mohawk Trail Boot -Tan Cavalier Upper - Vibram 2021 Sole

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The Mohawk Trail began as a Native American trade route which connected Atlantic tribes with others in Upstate New York and beyond. It is a pivotal part of New England history and even to this day is as beautiful as it is rugged. Based off early handsewn moccasin hunt boots, our Mohawk Trail boot is a terrific boot for Fall & Winter. With double needle stitched quarter panels that are set high on the vamp to improve water resistance, beautiful Horween Cavalier leather, Vibram 2021 outsole for excellent traction in all conditions, and a unique overcast stitch to start and finish the handsewing.

Horween Tan Cavalier

Made in Maine Threads

Double needle stitching

Vibram 2021 Outsole

Full leather midsole

Blake/McKay construction

Get your sizing down...

"We make handsewn shoes, a style that is one of the most classic and most iconic in the world. With true Moccasin construction, you want to be sure to have a snug fit to allow for the natural stretch of the shoe. Our construction is hand lasted, where leather is stretched over a last by the handsewer and handstitched in a way that creates a shoe that conforms to the shape of your foot. Your shoe or boot is built around the last, not the opposite way most shoes are made, where the last is shoved into the shoe. Your foot is cradled all around and under foot by multiple layers of leather, foam, and rubber. A true handsewn boot or shoe will mold itself to the exact shape of your foot and toes for unparalleled comfort.

When sizing we recommend to size down one half size from your measurements on a Brannock device. This will allow for a snug fit at first, and the immediate stretch you will get out of the box will allow the shoe to conform to your foot, without getting too stretched out. If you do not know your size on a Brannock device, then there are several other ways to judge. One being to compare to other brands. We are similar in size to most handsewns you may have worn in the past, think like those "Bean" Moccasins you have in your closet. If you have a good, trusty pair of Moccasins, Boots, or Boat shoes that are made in Maine, I would stick with the size that fits you in those. Some larger brands, lets take boat shoes for example, are not actually true moccasin construction, and therefore are lasted like a dress shoe. In these we recommend sizing a half (or sometimes full if they have stretched out a good deal) size down. If you are buying a shoe or boot like ours, and only know your size in running or athletic sneakers, we recommend going a full size down, some times even more depending on the brand. You can email and let us know your size in a certain brand and we can steer you in the right direction, as we are well versed in the sizing of many other shoes out there.

The final, and best way to achieve a perfect fit is to send us a tracing of the outline of both your feet. To do so, simply place your bare foot on a piece of paper. Using a pen, trace the outline of your foot, keeping the pen straight down at a 90 degree angle to the paper (do not trace under your foot). Once you have this done, shoot us an email at and we will provide instructions on where to send that to. When we receive the tracing we then measure, and physically match up to the last...from there we can add on or take away for width, instep, or other specific needs your feet may have." - Maine Mountain Moccasin