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Bourbon - Extrait de Parfum

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Named for the bourbon vanilla at its heart, Bourbon starts vanillic and slightly citrusy, quickly revealing the toasted oak from the aging process (Hans ages this fragrance in oak barrels), along with a dry, peppery woodiness. There is a subtle but gorgeous "funkiness" from the castoreum, which reminds us of both a vintage Guerlinade as well as a gentle Indian oud attar (Indian oud is not nomrally tame, but the impression here is). Finally, the drydown evokes a dry church incense, with the amber-like labdanum and benzoin resin lingering for hours.

Basically, you'll smell amazing.

Bergamot, orange zest, toasted oak, cognac oil, bourbon vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, labdanum, guaiacwood, castoreum, oakmoss, musks.

Extrait de Parfum (this means the fragrance is highly concentrated, which is to say that a little goes a long way).

2017 BATCH

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