Black Stoneware | Incense Dish
Black Stoneware | Incense Dish


Black Stoneware | Incense Dish

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The Story

Smudging dishes hand-thrown on the wheel in raw black stoneware. These pieces are versatile as they can be used for smudging with Palo Santo & Sage, yet also come with a black metallic Incense Stick Dome Holder.


  • Each dish is approx. 11.5cm x 2cm

  • Handmade on the wheel

  • Black rough stoneware, glazed in matt black

  • Suitable for incense sticks, smudge sticks (sage, palo santo, burning resins on charcoal)

  • Gift boxed

  • Dish comes with solid brass incense stick dome holder in hemp pouch

  • Clean with soft cloth and warm soapy water