Our Vision

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.

- John Muir


For us, everything comes back to love, joy, and compassion. Those qualities exist within each of us, and they are something we can be, rather than be like. They cannot be purchased, but can be discovered through careful attention and practice. We thoughtfully select every item we feature because it encourages us to slow down and appreciate the beauty within and around us. We believe this is a power unique to the botanical aromatics that are the heart of our offerings - the same aromatics used universally in the daily practices, rites, and rituals of human beings across time and civilization - and woven into the very acts of lighting incense, burning candles, or applying scent.


We launched our store online in November of 2017 because you have to start somewhere (specifically, you have to start from where you are, right now), and we're deeply grateful for the support and the steady growth. Our sights are now set on opening our brick and mortar here in our hometown of Fresno, CA (and/or with our lovely neighbors in Clovis).

The Space

We want to eliminate as much of the visual noise as possible. Our aesthetic is somewhere between Joshua Tree minimalism and Old Santa Fe. Think white walls, natural wood tones, kilim throws, and cacti in hand thrown ceramics. Mellow music on the turntable, a bookshelf lined with well-loved reads on art, philosophy, and poetry.

The Coffee

Our pour-over bar will feature locally roasted, single origin beans served in handmade ceramic tumblers. Coffee has a long and rich history of  drawing individuals and communities together to exchange ideas or simply enjoy each other's company.

The People

Our project is ultimately about service. It's about being of benefit to our community and caring about our collective well-being and happiness. We'd use our space to host coffee cuppings, wild-foraging workshops, incense and perfume-making classes, farmers markets, meditation courses, and natural dying events.

The Goods

Along with an expansive offering of all-natural scented candles, incense, and body care, we aim to curate the largest selection of natural fragrance in the world. This would include fragrance oils, alcohol-based perfume compositions, traditional attars, and artisanal oud oils, all from independent, small-batch artists. We'd carefully add handmade apparel, jewelry, accessories and lifestyle goods that cohere with our vision, values, and aesthetic. 


We're a self-funded family business, balancing our commitments to our marriage and children while pouring every spare ounce of heart and energy into pursuing this vision we believe in. Along with our online presence, with your continued support, prayers, and good vibes, we'll carry on showing up pretty much wherever we're invited, and begin searching for the right space to open our first brick and mortar. If it's a vision you'd enjoy being a part of, we'd love to see you at our pop-up events, hear your thoughts and ideas, and just enjoy your company and conversation. With your love and support, we think we can build a meaningful space for the whole Central Valley to enjoy, and that reflects the uniqueness of our history and culture as a region and as a new collective of human beings trying to leave the world a little better than the way we found it.