our manifesto

We celebrate the olfactory experience of nature as a spiritual encounter. We believe that when we connect to real, natural, botanical aromatics, we're connecting to something deep and profoundly beautiful within ourselves.

for the journey.

From the incense and smudging traditions across the world, to ceremonial candles, anointing oils, and perfumes, nearly every civilization saw in these botanicals the power to heal body and soul alike. We believe that becoming more intentional about these olfactory experiences can help us become more open and more present, and can enrich our lives and aid us on our journey.


for the planet.

We believe that fostering a love and appreciation of these botanicals engenders a deeper respect for the natural world. Our hope is that by celebrating and sharing the beauty of nature, we can further encourage our fellow humans to get outside, climb mountains, smell flowers, saunter beneath the skies, and do all they can to protect and preserve the planet.