Prospective Flow



"Today is the future our ancestors dreamed of. Keep the heritage flowing."


"Not one thing in this world remains as is;
Seasons change, the stream of a river flows, and every moment passed becomes history.
As we live in a world so subtle, in a world where time is mercilessly irreversible,
Let our passion be transmitted like a ripple, let the utmost potential be drawn out to blossom, and let "Art" molded from our inspiration and devotion be passed on the future generations. We believe that a product can be presented as a piece of "Art"
when it reaches such vertex only through higher mountain.
All things made now will become old with time.
What is made with an element called ardor will become "the old and the good" with time.
The appreciation and admiration towards genuine products has been inherited from generation to generation, like a pulse, like a flow, throughout the history of mankind.
Prospective Flow's values lie in perpetuating such flow."

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