American Trench

“How can we do the best for the people around us?” 

American Trench first asked themselves that question during the 2008 financial crisis. Back then, they wanted to manufacture a USA-made, luxury trench coat― but in a way that involved as many of their fellow Americans as possible. 

Today their centerpiece trench coat is made in New Jersey by an Argentine family with deep Italian roots. The family-owned factory manufactures their coats by sewing waterproof Ventile fabric, made from cotton that is grown and spun in the United States and sent to the UK to be woven into fabric. The coat also includes a cotton plaid lining fabric that originates from North Carolina, and a wool warmer whose cloth is woven in Connecticut. The success of their trench has allowed us to venture into accessories, with socks knit in Pennsylvania and North Carolina making it into GQ and Esquire, and their knit cashmere hats (made in Texas) making it onto the heads of Americans coast to coast, in addition to their ever-growing international audience.

Their adventure in building their company represents all that we love about America: people from different places with different perspectives coming together to make something that you can't find anywhere else.

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