What We're Wearing | Oudimentary Select Cambodi

One of the inspirations for us to create Fitra was Oudimentary and Ta'leef Collective Co-Founder Usama Canon. For us, he represents that nexus between what is best about our collective and individual past and what is good here and now, in us and around us. In our understanding, that just means being authentic, being a student, and having a sense of reverence (and a bit of swag).

Oud culture is a beautiful encapsulation of that teaching and so it is not surprising that Usama himself helped bring high-quality, legitimate oud to the West through his company, Oudimentary:

We've been wearing a lot of their Select Cambodi lately, and this 100% single origin distillation of a piece of wood is far deeper, more complex, and more beautiful than probably any "perfume" composition we've ever encountered. It smells of sweet wood, tobacco, molasses, with perhaps some musk and burnt caramel. We recommend pairing it with some of their Select Burmese wood, a fine cup of coffee, and some deep conversation.

Don't hate... fumigate.

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