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Los Feliz Botanicals Blossom Trail

Blossom Trail by Los Feliz Botanicals

Inspired by Fresno's very own Blossom Trail, where glorious pink, white, and red blossoms fill California's Central Valley and signal the end of Winter. A beautiful foreshadowing of the arrival of the almonds, citrus, stone fruit, and apples that grow in the blossoms' wake. We love throwing this fragrance on here in the heart of Winter, just as the cold (a brutal 50 degrees!) starts to chill the bones, in hopeful anticipation of the Spring renewal just around the corner. 

Los Feliz Botanicals has masterfully recaptured the experience of gently sauntering through the orchards in full bloom. 

Notes include green cognac, frankincense, tonka bean, orange flower, petitgrain sur fleurs, bergamot, elemi, bitter orange, and ambergris.

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