6 Ways to Wear a Kimono (or Noragi, Dogi, Hanten, Abaya, Haori...)

In our opinion, the sine qua non of the layering game is the noragi - or one of the many other "kimono-style" garments currently making a westward migration to American wardrobes from lands further East (whether Japan, North Africa, or the former Persian and Ottoman Empires). Simultaneously evocative of the cardigan and the sport jacket, the vibe of the noragi is much more relaxed and easygoing, yet equally as dignified. This makes it the perfect way to elevate those pure comfort fits, as well as to loosen up more formal ensembles.

Here's our top 6 ways to wear one...


1. Up Your Workwear Game

Workwear Kimono

Every true lover of indigo has to appreciate its connection to Japanese style and culture. We recommend adding some interest to your all-indigo denim fits with something a bit more colorful, and preferably patterned.


2. The Summer Vacation Look

Borasification Noragi With Shorts

Staying cool and comfortable during the dog days of Summer is all well and good, but layering a linen or lightweight cotton noragi like our friend Boris (pictured) gives the whole look a bit of sophistication and intentionality.


3. Next Level Streetstyle

Romi Streetstyle Visvim

A hallmark of great street style is the bringing together of disparate elements and using your own swag to make it all work. Combining sneaker culture, workwear, and sportswear in a single fit would be dope enough, but the visvim Sanjuro Coat adds just that extra bit of sauce to take it over the top. (Photo of Romi by our friends at Borasification)


4. The Deadhead

Hippy Kimono Greg Dacyshyn

Whether associated with the hippy movement or simply California casual, layering an oversized (or anti-fit) kimono over a laid back t-shirt and jeans fit is a great way to let the world know "the dude abides." (Photo of Greg Dacyshyn by Urban Fieldnotes)


5. Somewhat Business Casual

Boris Business Casual Noragi

Noragi's certainly needn't be casual in the extreme. While they'll inevitably read culturally as something a bit more relaxed, when paired with a decent pair of shoes and slacks, and perhaps a crisp button-up, you'll end up with a look much more office-ready (or perhaps the perfect Thanksgiving fit). (Photo from our friends at Borasification - keep and eye our for his new line, Borali)


6. The Avant Guard

Prospective Flow

This full Prospective Flow fit is, for once (despite how loosely this term is thrown around), something approaching the definition of timeless. To be equally as relevant in Brooklyn or Berkeley as it is in 10th century Baghdad or the Heian Period of Japan is a rare feat indeed. The fit might feel a bit daring, and it certainly does require a wearer who is confident in their own tastes, but for us, this is pure elegance and beauty.


Shop the Look

Soulive from Miloh Shop

Beige Harvesty Haori - Soulive - $248 

Dr Collectors kimono

Kumagai Kimono in Dark Denim Stripe - Dr. Collectors



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