All-Natural Fragrances For Fall

As temperatures continue to drop, as colors shift and the air grows crisp, and all manner of autumnal baked goods and flavored coffee concoctions fill our homes and streets, 'tis only fitting that we begin opting for fragrances that compliment the olfactory palette of Fall.
Here's 5 of our current favorites... 


Slumberhouse Norne

1. Norne by Slumberhouse | Parfum Extrait

This 100% natural composition by self-taught Indie Perfumer, Josh Lobb, features notes of "Fog caked needle, lichen, Fern, moss, hemlock, and incense." To our nose, Norne smells both green, insofar as its deep piney and mossy notes constitute its core, and black, in that there is a rich, smokey incense that hums in the background throughout the life of the fragrance.

Who should wear this? If you're not really into perfume/cologne, yet you like the smell of your flannel after harvesting a pine tree and sitting around a campfire for hours.

30ml, $160 from


Juniper Ridge Christmas Fir Perfume

2. Christmas Fir by Juniper Ridge | Oil Perfume

A limited batch of a perfect recapitulation of the fir tree. Slightly mentholated with dark green notes that place us straight back in the High Sierras. We like layering this beauty with some Douglas Fir Campfire Incense to add a little smokiness to the experience.

Who should wear this? If you like sleeping on the forest floor along the John Muir Trail.

Hopefully coming back next year to


3. EO No. 1 EdP by Ensar Oud | Eau de Parfum

Master oud distiller, Ensar, previously world renowned for his sourcing and distilling of the best oud oils on the planet, has decided to start blending eau de perfume concentrations highlighting certain characteristics of his oud oils. This, his first perfume, celebrates the leathery and tobacco-esque characteristics of pure oils by using the $2500 Kyaratul Mustafa, wild Hainan sinensis extract (aged 13 years), and aged rose oil from Sultan Qaboos's private collection. 100% natural, with notes of rose, oud, leather, tobacco, and tea; imagine you were smelling not those ingredients, but their heavenly, eternal, platonic archetypes.

Who should wear this? You enjoy fine leather saddles, leather gloves, cigar lounges, and the smell of an ornate leather ottoman in an actual Ottoman Palace.

50ml, $395 from 


Hyde by Hiram Green

4. Hyde by Hiram Green Perfumes | Eau de Parfum

A dark, smoky leather fragrance full of resins and malted vanilla, this is truly a fragrance that begs to be worn in the cooler months, when the chill in the air calls for campfires and something sweet and warm to drink. Humming beneath all the strength of the birch tar used in this composition is an extract of Cassie flower, a relative of mimosa which smells both green and spicy. 

Who should wear this? Frequenters of Joshua Tree and Death Valley will find the dry, dusty leather accompanied by campfire smoke and a green, herbal character perfectly evocative of the Western Desert.

50ml, $165 from


Milano Caffe by La Via del Profumo

5. Milano Caffe by La Via del Profumo (Abdes Salaam Attar) | Eau de Parfum

The French-cum-Italian perfumer, Dominique Dubrana, always has much to say about his own 100% natural compositions. To our mind, he describes his masterpiece best:

This first fragrance, named for Milan, is centered on the omnipresent and most characteristic smell of the city, the aroma of coffee. It pervades the streets and workplaces; it is part of every event and encounter, professional or leisurely; and is present in every social occasion.
I have blended coffee with chocolate because that is the Milanese way: the residents of that marvelous city add Cacao powder to cappuccinos, and place a single square piece of chocolate next to your cup of coffee.
The combination of coffee and chocolate is your introduction to the city of Milan, but it is merely the start.  The original blast of coffee- chocolate melts quickly into woody-spicy notes. The body of ‘Milano cafè’ is an elegant male fragrance worthy of the sophisticated fashion that characterizes the city: Warm, dry, woody, sober and at the same time rich, with a determined, confident character.
A subdued spicy accord alludes to the multi-ethnic aspect of the city, as manifest in the Somali and Arab restaurants that have flourished there in recent years.
Milano caffè is not your usual masculine, composed of trite notes to appeal to a mass audience. It is, instead, a new and unexpected accord that will appeal to people who make trends, not those who follow them.


Who should wear this? The coffee-obsessed contemplative, equally at home in the streets of Milan or the Taj Mahal.

50ml, $125 from


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